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Welcome to Likewise Homeopathy, originally formed as a partnership between two homeopaths, Miriam Mackey, CCH, and Mary Gordon, CCH, to collaborate and also to provide a broad range of services. After a long, rewarding career, Mary retired in 2018. Miriam continues this healing work with teens and adults. Homeopathy is a way to incorporate all aspects of a person (physical, mental emotional and spiritual), it’s about creating real health and wellness. Living as best you can with minimal limitations. It’s about having a resilient immune system, an increased ability to restore health and the capacity to bounce back from ill tuned health. People are looking for natural solutions for their health care needs. I offer an option that is sustainable, and used world wide. My mission is to help my clients accomplish real health; gently, safely, and free from side effects using the time tested principles of homeopathy.

The image of a jigsaw puzzle helps explain homeopathy. Lots of pieces, (symptoms and individualized characteristics) that by themselves don’t mean much though put together as a whole, form the complete picture (human). People are so much more than their symptoms or diseases.

For many people consulting a homeopath is a new experience. My office is welcoming, comfortable and provides a safe, relaxed environment for people to talk about their ailments, stresses, and health history. Often times this will be their first experience of having all their concerns addressed in one place.

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Miriam Mackey, CCH

All of the inter-workings of what it means to be a fully functioning person amaze and fascinate me. The mechanics, the anatomy and physiology and the spirit of the person all work together in a way that is exponentially much more that the individual parts. I find this to be so in health and disease. Miraculous really.

Homeopathy fits and explains those processes in a way that makes sense to me and I know to be true in my bones. There is history, detective work, puzzling, science and philosophy with lots of mystery, magic and power in homeopathy. There is a lot to be said for homeopathy finding me. It has been passed on to me through those discoverers, teachers, skeptics and patients who kept working at it.

For me, it’s very satisfying to be able to address people’s health concerns in such an elegant, gentle, effective, natural way.

I've been a practicing homeopath since 1997 and am a graduate of the Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine. The program was 3 years of study in classical homeopathy and after rigorous testing, I earned the CCH designation. (Certification assures the public that a certified homeopath has completed all criteria required for the credential).

Prior to discovering homeopathy, I was an Exercise Physiologist working in Cardiac Rehab in a hospital based outpatient clinic. I have decades of health care experience working in various capacities from acute care hospitals to outpatient clinics. With that has come a lot of acquired knowledge about people and health and healing. Having this information helps me understand and figure out the steps for results oriented client care.

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