1. Miriam Mackey is a true healer… I highly, highly, recommend her. I started seeing Miriam in 2011 looking for some relief for anxiety and repeating patterns of self sabotage. In the two years since working with her & using homeopathy, my life has been transformed. I have focus, the anxiety is totally under control and my life is moving in exactly the direction I’ve dreamed of. Miriam is an intuitive healer and listener, so easy to talk to and has absolutely no judgement. She is a conduit for the healing and she knows this. If you’re looking for an alternative to chemicals/prescriptions (especially for depression or anxiety) see her. She’s the real deal. - Mary

2. I decided to try homeopathy for my problem because traditional medicine was not helping, and I was at my wit’s end to get relief. I did not want to take prescription drugs and go through a better of expensive tests. I knew Miriam as a family friend and went to her to see if she thought she could help me. Miriam is a delight to work with. She put me at ease immediately. She is a fabulous listener. She is sensitive to my sensitivities. And she has been able to recommend a combination of remedies that seems to be working! I would definitely recommend Miriam to anyone interested in using natural healing. - Susan

3. As a person who suffered from migraines for 14 years, I can now say that I only get an occasional migraine thanks to Miriam Mackey.  I tried every over-the-counter medications I saw advertised plus powerful prescriptions, changing them as the side-effects became worse than the migraines, or they just stopped working.  I lost time at work and my personal life suffered even more.  Many foods triggered instant migraines.  I couldn’t work in florescent intensive environments. If I was lucky enough to wake up without a migraine, my first thought every day was, “When am I going to get a headache today and how bad is it going to be?” Miriam looked at the whole me, not just my symptoms.  She reviewed seemingly unrelated information and developed a remedy specifically for me.  Within six months, I took less medication in a month than I had been taking each week when I began; and I was able to eat foods that I hadn’t been able to have for years.  In the next six months, the same thing: less medication in a month than in a week. After 18 months, I was able to eat any food I wanted.  I’ve been able to take a hobby and turn it into a second business because I can now make commitments to customers and keep them.  I can take vacations because I’m not running out of sick time.  I took the black-out drapes off my bedroom window.  I can eat in restaurants without fear of secret ingredients.  I wake up and think, “What a great day!” - Cynthia