Miriam Mackey, CCH Likewise Homeopathy



Constitutional Care

This type of appointment is a long one, (2 hours) and the most requested. We cover your main complaints, your unique sets of symptoms, your family and medical history, and your individual presentation. Chronic conditions are often addressed in this session. Insomnia, hypertension, arthritis, migraines, women’s health, men’s health, allergies, digestive issues, PTSD, anxiety, depression, autoimmune concerns and concussion are some of the conditions addressed here. Please contact me to discuss your particular situation.


Therapeutic Focus Care

This appointment type is 1 hour and most often focuses on your specific complaint. We cover some medical history and family history and get all the particulars of your main complaint. This is a great way for people to get homeopathic help for conditions such as: shoulder bursitis, poison oak, flu, shock, a bladder infection, or acute seasonal allergies. If you have one specific complaint that you’d like help with, this is an option. Please contact me to discuss your particular situation.


Follow up Care

In order to assess the overall health of the client and the action of the homeopathic protocol, follow up appointments are an important part of our work together. Follow up appointments are 1 hour and typically scheduled every 2-4 weeks in the beginning of treatment. This of course, depends on the pace of the condition and client need. As time goes on, usually follow up appointments are scheduled less frequently.

Acute care

A short appointment for established clients to address their current acute complaint. A good option for conditions like sunburn, acute food poisoning, acutely sprained ankle. This appointment is by phone and is 15-20 minutes.


Pre op/Post op care

Consultation for established clients undergoing surgical procedures. Sometimes people break bones, or tear an ACL, or get a facelift, or need bypass surgery for example. Homeopathy can be a welcome addition to help relieve anxiety, bruising, pain, effects of anesthesia and the gas that often accompanies abdominal surgery. Remedies can be used to help promote healing whatever the type of surgery.